Ludum Dare votings

This is taking forever. There are a lot of entries I still need to vote on. I decided I won’t be reviewing all of them, because… There’s just too many.

I’ve been using a criteria to choose which games I’ll be voting first. Now, I already voted for the most popular entries, so I’m not voting for them anymore unless someone from the IRC asks me to. Some entries are close to 50 votes already. At the other hand, there are entries with two or three votes. I’m giving priority to these.

I’m also playing those that aren’t either popular or forgotten. I randomly pick one or two of these each day. So far I’ve been lucky with this method, as I’ve found a couple of pretty interesting gemsĀ amidstĀ the mass of games.

Some highlights:

  • Circus Peanuts, the Zelda ripoff with a love for peanuts;
  • Time Pygmy, the Achievement Unlocked ripoff with a love for modern women;
  • Disco Five, a creative game where your goal is look for items to make money and go home;
  • Dinousaur Dance-Off, the web game where dinosaurs challenge each other by dancing;
  • Gyroids, a difficult game that reminds me of Marble Madness and Equinox;
  • The Day I Died, it’s annoying and difficult and makes my eyes bleed, but I like it;
  • Spelling Warrior, a cool idea that’ll make you hate Microsoft Sam even more;
  • Frolicking Furballs Safari Resort, the graphics are lovely and it has blood – ’nuff said;
  • Cardiac Arrest, the game itself is nothing incredibly amazing, but it’s for Master System!

Again, I’m just playing Windows and Web games. Sorry, but I’m unable to test Linux or Mac games. And I won’t get your source and compile it to Windows, because it’s bothersome and I barely have enough time to play the Windows games. Also, I’m lazy.

You can play the Ludum Dare 19 games here: all LD48 entries

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