Sixth Place

I am much happy to say that Fate of Mankind achieved sixth place on Ludum Dare 19. Huzzah!

This is really unexpected. I entered this Ludum Dare totally unprepared, without any ideas and with no coffee or ice cream. I almost gave up because I got frustrated with the graphics (I’m not an artist after all). Now I’m glad I didn’t.

Fate of Mankind is my first game that got so much popularity. Before this, Batalha Otaku got roughly five hundred visitors counting all the local conventions we’ve appeared. But that was a whole year of efforts from the Why Not? Games team to put our game on those conventions, so it’s different. My LD48 entry has been played 112 times on IndieDB only. I’m really happy!

But there’s no time to rest. I still need to work on theĀ Extended version. A talented composer friend of mine, Daryl Banner, is helping me with the soundtrack this time. I still couldn’t find anyone willing to help me with art, so I’m doing those myself for now. Also, I rewrote a big part of how the game works. The original game had around 50min of game play, but this time I’m aiming for much more, something around three or four hours.

Thanks a lot for your support. I hope to keep improving this year. Who knows, I could be the 2011’s indie success story, right?

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