Why Not? Game Jam!

A team of four members (plus one), five pizzas and two days to develop a game. It’s our Why Not? Game Jam!

Our plan was to join the Global Game Jam 2011, but due to many reasons, we were unable to. Instead, we’ve decided to make a game here, by ourselves.

The team was originally composed of me (programming), @harielz (audio), @wilfreitas (general art) and @thunderbout (character art). We’re all members of the Why Not? Games team, and we worked at Batalha Otaku together. At the second day, @followmarcos joined the team, contributing with scenario art.

The original game idea was a GTA2-ish shooter game called Soul Extinction, where peace and science are prosperous and people lives much longer, thus resulting in a shortage of souls in heaven and hell. To prevent the extinction of souls, you have to dispatch souls by killing humans, demons and angels. Killing more good people than bad people would make hell angry, unleashing more powerful enemies against you. The opposite would also be true: kill too many bad guys and God would get angry at you.

Killing Spree!

Unfortunately we found out too late that the idea was rather ambitious for our team to complete within 48 hours. Still, we are happy with the result! In any case, due to bugs and lack of certain features, we’re still working on it before we can release it for download. But keep tuned, we’re releasing it ASAP!

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