2012 begins, Global Game Jam and next projects

Oh man, I’ve neglected this website for too long… but here we are again. A new year, and a new site as well. I’m still working on it so don’t mind the interface, I’m still fixing here and there. Hopefully I’ll have everything looking good here until the GGJ on January 27th.

If you’re not familiar with the event, Global Game Jam is a world-wide event for game developers to meet other game developers and do what they know better: develop games. Programmers, artists, composers and game designers all around the world will meet on local sites on the most remote corners of the planet to conceptualize, implement, test and release a game in 48 hours. Crazy? It sure is; but you wouldn’t be on the game industry if you were sane would you?

I’ll be attending the GGJ on UNICAMP (Campinas / SP). There’ll be dozens of developers there, and a couple of friends of mine. What kind of game we will make there? Well, I have no idea – not that it matters. It’s all about the experience, having fun and interacting with other people.

After the Global Game Jam, I want to work on something bigger than my last projects. Let’s see how that will turn out…

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