How many games can you create in 48 hours?

MiniLD #32 is over for me. Although I did not made the number of games I expected to make (mostly because I procrastinated a lot this weekend), I am satisfied with the result. The first part of my completely devious game-developing adventure was to create a pack of 50 or so games, with a very retro aesthetic. And as it turned out, 50 games was a bit out of hand after putting my procrastination time on the equation, so I felt comfortable reducing the goal to a puny number of 12 games. This pack of games was titled Super Advanced Hyperst-uh… err it’s the title you see above. Also known as 12-in-1 LC Collection.

After creating those 12 little games, I decided to make something more complex. My first thought was to create a randomly-generated RPG final boss battle thing. I went as far as to create randomly named characters with randomly generated status, and a menu. And it was actually looking pretty good to be honest. Of course, the random name generator was a bit crazy, generating things like Gridobrezhiu, Equicrocro, Pigrashounen, Her and other bizarre things. Aside from that, works quite nicely.

Utekyasos is a perfectly common name... somewhere

But once I got to code the enemy, I realized it would be way more complex and time-consuming than I thought. So instead I decided to go back and make a platformer instead. At first I had no clue what to create, so I just started drawing tiles, tying things together, coding collision and stuff. Then I had the idea to include a character from my previous game – Subject 0017 from Fate of Mankind, to be more specific. Then I had the idea to make it more or less like a sequel. And then… well, just play it. If you liked Fate, you’ll enjoy Tower of Mankind.

Now with more crumbling towers and cheesy lighting effects

Aaand weekend’s over, time to rest and enjoy some games! Anyway, I’m pretty happy with the results and had a lot of fun. You can check out both Tower of Mankind and the 12-in-1 LC Collection on my MiniLD #32 entry page.

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